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Best iPhone 6 Case: Incipio vs. Griffin vs. Belkin vs. Speck

cp9366There are dozens of companies making iPhone 6 cases, but not all of these companies are created equal. Some cases are built strong, while others are more decorative. Four of the leading names in smartphone cases are Incipio, Griffin, Belkin, and Speck. These case makers all offer their unique take on the best case for the iPhone 6. But which case brand is best for your unique needs? Read on to see how the iPhone 6 cases from these four manufacturers stack up against one another. You might also want to check out our detailed comparison of the iPhone 6 cases offered by Otterbox and LifeProof. Please note that prices listed are subject to change.

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1. Incipio iPhone 6 Cases

iphone 6 cases

Unlike some case brands that have only released one or two styles that fit the iPhone 6, Incipio has released a huge variety of case options that will fit the newest iPhone. Incipio case styles that fit the iPhone 6 include the DualPro, DualPro Shine, NGP, Highland, Bombproof, Stowaway, Feather, Feather Shine, Rival, Watson, Edge, Edge Shine, Edge Chrome, Octane, and Phenom. The company also makes a [Performance] Armband that is suitable for use at the gym or while running.

That’s a lot of iPhone 6 case models to choose from. Here’s how they break down. If you’re looking for a wallet case or folio-style case, then you should focus your search on the Stowaway, Highland, or Watson cases.

If you’re looking for a slim case, try the Feather, Rival, or DualPro cases. If you’re looking for a rugged case, try Incipio’s Incipio NGP, Bombproof, or Octane cases.

The remaining styles are all solid options that are ideal for “all-around” use. They will appeal to people who are looking for affordable cases that also offer a good balance between slim profiles and rugged durability.

Out of all of these Incipio styles, there are three we really want to highlight. The Stowaway model is great for people who like the convenience of storing their cards and ID right inside their iPhone case. The hinge of the card compartment can also be used as kickstand.

Incipio’s Phenom case for the iPhone 6 is a nice choice for people who are looking for a lightweight case that still meets military drop test standards. It’s also soft to the touch, which some people like.

The Incipio Bombproof case is nice for people who want a case that is rugged, but also very easy to keep a grip on. If you use your case when your hands are sweaty (like when you’re at the gym, for example), this is a nice case to consider. The “grenade” texture of the case also makes this extremely eye-catching. In addition, the flash-diffusing camera ring is a nice bonus feature.

Overall, the Incipio brand is notable for cases that are inexpensive, but which still offer a good balance between slender profiles and decent impact resistance. There are lots of interesting textures to choose from, and many colors as well.

2. Griffin iPhone 6 Cases

(Griffin Survivor Slim)

Griffin has a somewhat smaller array of cases for the iPhone 6 than Incipio. Their lineup includes a wallet case, the Trainer armband, and the ultra-thin Reveal case.

The brand is arguably best known for their “Survivor” series of rugged cases. The most durable is the bulky Survivor All-Terrain, the sleek Survivor Slim, and the thin, corner-protecting Survivor Core.

Three of the best Griffin case options for the iPhone 6 are the All-Terrain version of the Survivor case, the slender Reveal case, and the well-balanced Survivor Slim. Overall, Griffin cases tend to be built with bulk and durability in mind. Some people like the peace of mind they get with bulky cases, though others find their size and texture occasionally makes it hard to remove a phone from one’s pocket quickly.

3. Belkin iPhone 6 Cases

(Belkin Grip Case)

Also known for their WeMo line of home automation products, Belkin makes many tech accessories and products. Their iPhone 6 cases run the gamut from the simple to the artistic. Belkin’s iPhone 6 cases include the Classic Folio case, Grip Case, and Slim-Fit Armband. Of particular note are the Dana Tanamachi-designed cases that Belkin offers, which are a bit more feminine and fashionable.

Belkin cases will appeal to people who want attractive, inexpensive, and slender iPhone 6 cases. The brand may also be appealing because of their wide array of cables, mounts, and other accessories. Belkin’s iPhone 6 accessories include a car vent mount and a car charger.

4. Speck iPhone 6 Cases

(Speck CandyShell Card Case)

Speck’s most famous iPhone case style is the “CandyShell,” which comes in no less than five variants for the iPhone 6. There’s the regular CandyShell, the CandyShell Grip (with rubbery lines on the back of the case to make it easier to hold), the CandyShell + Faceplate, the CandyShell Card (a wallet case), and the CandyShell Inked line, which has high-res graphics wrapped around the whole case.

Speck also offers two “MightyShell” case styles: the MightyShell and MightyShell Clear cases. These two styles offer double the protection required by the standards of basic military-grade protection.

While Speck cases generally get favorable reviews from bloggers and consumers year after year, not everyone is happy with the 2014 Speck offerings for the iPhone 6. Eli Hodapp of TouchArcade notes that the regular CandyShell case from Speck was particularly disappointing to him:

“First off, the back bows out so it doesn’t sit flat. This lets you quite literally effortlessly spin your phone like a top. It’s almost sort of laughable just how long your phone will spin, with even the slightest movement. Also, whatever materials Speck used this time around are just plain bad. The back plastic scratched so easily inside of a couple days my iPhone 6 CandyShell looked worse than my iPhone 5 CandyShell after a year of use. Oh, and the rubber that makes up the front lip and the button protrusions is laughably grippy, to the point that it was causing so much friction with my pocket when I pulled it out that layers of the rubber were peeling off.”

While some Speck cases may not to be everyone’s taste, the brand remains trusted. It’s also nice that the brand has more variety than some competitors, such as Belkin or LifeProof. Most Speck cases are relatively thin, though color options can feel a bit stale and limited.

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Incipio vs. Griffin vs. Belkin vs. Speck: Final Thoughts on iPhone 6 Cases

Want to see a lot of iPhone 6 cases compared at once? Check out the video above, which features cases from Incipio and Speck, as well as other brands like Spigen, Puregear, and UAG.

All four of these case brands are appealing to different iPhone 6 owners. The case brand you choose will depend on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and need for intense drop/impact protection. The perfect iPhone 6 case for one person is rarely the same as the case that appeals to another person.